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At the current time searches are best performed by using only one word at a time.   This search engine is proprietary in the way that it works and is not a canned program.   It searches out every word on every site to which it has been guided.   Many search engines only take the "meta tag" information (keywords, descriptions, etc. . .).   Others will index the first 100 to 250 or even 500 words.   We didn't want anything to be missed.   That way, if you are looking for a person, place, or thing it will always show up.

It is intended for preachers and Bibleclass teachers who are researching and preparing for their presentations.   Elders can do a better job finding out what kinds of mission works are going on and where.   In that manner, money can be spent more appropriately.   Deacons can search out other like works for examples and advise.   And, of course, anyone else inside or outside the Lord's church who is trying to find good information and answers.

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